The Land Of Engines


22 April 2015

The Land Of Engines

One of the greatest passions that made Modena famous all over the world is the engine industry.

Since the beginning of 1900, the growth of workshops and factories (for competitions like Formula 1) have become the symbol of prestige of Modena: Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani are only few of the names that made Modena hub of the automotive industry in the world.

For passionate car people, there are various places in the city to live and experience the spirit that animated these Motors geniuses.

Opened very recently , the Museum of Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari is a large complex that combines history and innovation and enables visitor to understand why Ferraris are such unique cars.

Enzo Ferrari was born February 18, 1898, he was son of the owner of the mechanical workshop Alfredo and the museum is set up with media that tell the life and work of the legendary manufacturer.

Around the birthplace brick buliding “Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari” you can find a futuristic building designed by Jan Kaplicky and Andrea Morgante which reproduces the lines of the hood of a sports car. The bulding is unique and completly painted yellow, which is the color of the horse “Ferrari” symbol.
Under the extraordinary hood-like yellow building many cars are exposed as works of art; they tell the whole story of the automaker, from birth to great successes in racing in Formula 1.
In addition to the dedication of Ferrari, inside the mesuem, you will also find Maserati , Alfa Romeo, Stanguellini, De Tomaso and Pagani cars, which interestingly linked to the history of Ferrari.

Only a few meters away from the Ferrari mesuem “Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari”, where the intersection of Ciro Menotti and Via Emilia cross you will find the beautiful and trident home of Maserati.

In Maranello, which is about 20 km away from Modena, there is another Ferrari Museum, which is the real temple of motor valley in Modena – it is beautiful, the Ferrari race track is there and it is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.


For those with more time, you may travel and venture out of the the city center and discovery of Stanguellini Historic Auto Museum, which is the famous Scaglietti (Via Emilia Est, 1163) and the Museo Auto and Moto d ‘Epoca Panini – www.paninimotormuseum.it

In the region are reported then: the collection of Mario Righini at Castelfranco Emilia; the Ducati Museum in Bologna; Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese ; collection Nigelli of San Martino in Casola; Maranello Rosso in San Marino and others.

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