Massimo Bottura

The culinary mastermind Massimo Bottura, who single-handedly changed the way we eat food here in Modena has recently won “The World’s best restaurant 2016” pl [...]


In Modena

In Modena

Unesco Heritage

In 1997 Modena was listed on the UNESCO world heritage list, not only for its beauty, its artistic and architectonic excellences, but also for the intellectual richness that made Modena one of the c [...]

Private Tours

Visit with us the city of taste and the land of engines

A City of Food

Modena is the city of taste and flavors of genuine and culinary excellence appreciated at all latitudes, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Lambrusco, Tortellini, the Cotechino and Zampone and Amarena B [...]

The Land Of Engines

One of the greatest passions that made Modena famous all over the world is the engine industry. Since the beginning of 1900, the growth of workshops and factories (for competitions like Formula 1) have become the symbol of pre [...]

Relax and Shop

A stay in Modena can be a perfect time for a few hours of relaxing or shopping! You can purchase high quality goods created by the imagination, ingenuity or the age-old wisdom of this territory. [rev_slider relax-shopping] [...]

A Centre of Excellence

The province of Modena emerges in the Italian industry for high density business, with a prevalence of small and medium-sized companies. The districts in which stars, in addition to induced in the metal sector, are food with th [...]