Eventi e Notizie

da Modena e Dintorni

12 February 2020


The Motor Valley festival will be held a Fully digital Edition dedicated to the Motorsport World. This will be a great event, not just for engines lovers which will connect the different cores of our territory: the fair, the Autodrome, the museums, the factories and the city centre. The event will nationally celebrate the passion for cars and motorcycles, starting from the Italian excellences from our territory, the technological innovations in the automotive field and the historical, artistic and food and wine culture in Emilia – Romagna.

Made in Motor Valley car and motorbike exhibitions (Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Dallara, Pagani and Ducati), as well as the best selection in international automotive production will wait for engines lovers, families and Italian and foreign tourists. Actually, people will be able to admire with their own eyes and take a test track or on the road, as part of Motor1Days, the “theme park” at Motor Valley Fest.

When: 11- 14 may 2023

Website: motorvalley.it