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da Modena e Dintorni

18 January 2017

Massimo Bottura recommends Vittorio Veneto 25 on Financial Times

Massimo Bottura’s Emilia Romagna in “How to spend it” Financial Times’s Luxury lifestyle magazine

Massimo Bottura, the Chef and owner of Osteria Francescana which has been awarded as “The World’s Best Restaurant of 2016” who is the most famous chef that Italy has ever had, was interviewed by the Financial Times in the review called “How to Spend it” which talked about a luxury weekend in his home region Emilia Romagna. He suggests lots of restaurants and hotels where people could have a unique experience through the traditional yet innovative flavours of Emilia Romagna.

In the article he states “…If you’re staying the night in Modena, I recommend Vittorio Veneto 25, a beautifully restored early-20th-century villa with six suites. The buildings is in classic Modenese style: a balcony at the front, shutters on all the windows, facade painted orange. When three US ambassadors to countries in Europe were coming to the restaurant, I told them to stay there and they were delighted with it.”