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da Modena e Dintorni

8 May 2015

Events in Modena

“Expo” Modena: Where everything becomes art
During the Expo period, even Modena, the city in the heart of the Po Valley, two hours from Milan, decided to get involved to show the world its excellent historical, cultural, culinary, motors and entertainment.
Numerous events, throughout Expo, will also take place in the heart of Modena and surroundings.

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“Discover Ferrari & Pavarotti Land”
Organized tours to discover the magic of our land, with organized shuttles linking resorts and museums of the city and the province to discover some of the most fascinating destinations in Modena, such as: The Ferrari Museum in Modena and in Maranello, the historic center of Modena, the Duomo, Galleria Estense, Museo Casa Luciano Pavarotti, the Abbey of Nonantola, Palazzo Ducale in Sassuolo and its pottery.

For more information and reservations: info@ferraripavarottiland.it

For more information and reservations please visit the Modena events calendar 2018



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